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Emular Environmental is a nature-inspired, biomimicry tech company that will use enhanced bio-entities to break down plastics, capture and sequester CO2 while providing a means to cleanse polluted water.


We believe it is possible to make a meaningful impact on the environment and leave a better, cleaner world for my child and yours.  Humankind has all the tools to save the world–we’re just not using them. Rather than be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the challenge, our focus is to get active and make a difference now!

Our inspiration is the Earth itself and her natural systems for cleaning and processing toxins in the environment. Phytoremediation provides the opportunity to capture carbon and COMPLETELY remove plastics from waste environments and restore our lakes, streams, and oceans.

Our technology will remove 1 billion tons of carbon dioxide by 2023, 2.5 billion tons of plastics by 2024, and more than 20 tons of plastics and carbon by 2030.


Our unique process uses Emular patented biomass, enzymes, and bacteria to break down plastics and convert them to other uses, to clean polluted water, and to aid in capturing and storing carbon dioxide and storing it.

The following following Biological technologies are under development for commercial scale processing:

As we complete our patent process, we’ll continue to provide updates on our site as other media mediums.

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Emular is a biotech company dedicated to making a meaningful impact on the environment both in the short term and for generations to come.

Our commitment to act effectively, efficiently, and NOW to create lasting, positive environmental change.

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